Karna's Deeds Which Made him named as Danveer Karna
Great giver and Great Warrior Karna

 Karna’s Deeds Which Made Him Named As Danveer Karna

As we know all know in Indian Mythology there is no other great Danveer as Karna. But there are very less deeds we know of him. So in todays article we are going to discuss about some Karna’s deeds which made him named as Danveer Karna

It is always said about Karna that he never let anyone go empty handed from his place especially when someone has asked for his help. whatever is demanded by the person is granted and given without any second thought or pride Karna. He was not only a great warrior but also a Great Danveer of that Era.

Lets discuss about Karna’s such deed which gave him name of Danveer Karna.

  1. Once Arjuna asked Shri Krishna why Karna is referred as great Danveer and not my elder brother Yudhisthira. While he also never say no to give whatever is asked from him as per his capacity. So to explain this Krishna asked Arjun get changed their appearance as Saints and let us take the test of both. Both of them then went to Yudhisthira and asked for sandalwood for havan in a rainy season. Yudhisthira checked for the same but due to rain all the sandalwoods were drenched and so he asked both to come after rain and collect it once it is dried. At the next moment both of them headed to Karna’s place and requested same from him, he politely asked both saints to take rest while he arranges for the sandalwood. Arjuna then wondered how he can manage to get dried sandalwood. He was shocked seeing Karna was breaking the main door of his home as was made of sandalwood and his bed too. Karna broke it into parts and handed it over to both the saints.
  2. There is one more story of his Danveer deed. Once Krishna made a mountain of gold and asked Arjuna to call the entire village people and donate it. Arjuna followed the instruction and was donating the gold to everyone by his own hand. On the other hand when Krishna called Karna and asked to do the same to Karna, he called all village people and just announce that this gold is to be donated so collect is from here as much you wish and left the place after announcement. Arjuna was shocked by his deed. Then Krishna explained him you wanted to donate by your hand as per your wish but he did not wished to decide or bothered even to get the pride of donating so just announced and left.

So these were Karna’s Deeds which made him named as Danveer Karna

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