The curses which made Karna helpless and lead to death
The curses which made Karna helpless and lead to death

The curses which made Karna helpless and lead to death

We knew about Karna in our previous article. He was such an excellent and brave warrior, but was might by luck and his good deeds even could not helped him to survive. All he did in his life was done with selflessness, greed less and with pure heart. But his few mistake which were not mistakes actually he help one or another way people but led him to get cursed. In Today’s article we will discussed  The curses which made Karna helpless and lead to death

  1. You will forget when you need it the most in the war

Parshuram Guru was against Khatiyas and he has taken oath not tho teach any kshatriya his skills but will only teach to brahmins. But Karna was none of them still he lied to him saying he is a Brahmin and learned the skills. One Day Guru Parshurama was taking a nap by keeping his head on Karna’s lap and a scorpion bite Karna. Despite of yelling out of pain he remain calm and did not move so Guru does not get disturbed. Upon realizing the blood touch Guru woke up and found that no Brahmin can bear the pain this long. Then he cursed Karna that you will forget all the skills and using of Brahmastra when you will be needing it the most in the war.

2. You will Use Nagastra only Once in whole War

Lord Krishna was knowing that Karna is very good at archery and so he sent Kunti to Karna to talk and be promised to use the Nagastram only once in the entire war.  At time of aiming Nagastram to Arjuna, KarnaCharioteer, Shalya, Suggested him to point it to his head instead of chest. And Karna changed his aim from chest to head, knowing this Lord Krishna brought down the Arjun’s chariot a bit down in earth with power of his leg and the arrow passed touching Arjuna’s crown and he survived.

3. You donate your Kavach Kundal

Karna was invincible with his Kavach and Kundal. Lord Krishna was a brilliant game player he know Lord Surya and Indra Dev are rivals of each other and he took advantage of this. He asked Indradev to go to Karna in a different avtar and ask for his Kavach Kundal, as he is a true great giver he will never say No and will give it to you. Suryadev was aware of this activity he came to Karna and told him the matter still Karna could not back step of his values and words so he gave away his Kavach Kundal to Indra Dev.

4. Karna’s giving away nature has made him earned so many blessings and these would come to his rescue in his bad time. This was known to Shree Krishna, So he came to Karna as Brahmin dress up, while he was badly wounded and bleeding heavily. He asked Karna to give him all the benefits of his good deeds of entire life. In such condition also Karna gave him what he wanted. And after this Arjun started showings his arrows on Karna.

5. Your chariot will Stuck in earth during the war

Karna had once helped a little poor girl whose ghee was split on ground and mixed with earth soil and was crying with fear of getting scolded by her mother for this. So squeezed the soil with his power so hard that mother earth could not bear the pain and cursed him that she will make sure that he became vulnerable in war. And so his chariot got stuck in mud and his charioteer left him.

6. You will be killed by enemy when your attention is diverted

While practicing the Shabd Bhedi Arrow, Karna by mistake killed Cow and a calf of the Brahman. He cursed Karna that he will be killed by his enemy when his attention is diverted in the war. This curse resulted in his death when Karna was removing the chariot wheel from the mud and  Arjuna shot him on the advice of Krishna.

These were the curses which made Karna helpless and lead to death

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