the most perplexing books ever written -the Voynich Manuscript, Codex Seraphinus, Rohonc Codex, the Smithfield Decretals and the Book of Soyga.
the most perplexing books ever written

The Most Perplexing Books Ever Written

We often tend to read books which sounds mysterious or having some content that is nearly not understandable. here is the list of few of the most perplexing books ever written….

1.The Voynich Manuscript

2.Codex Seraphinus

3. Rohonc Codex
4. The Smithfield Decretals
5. The Book of Soyga
These books can keep you wondering what is written in it. The books are having some pictures related to female figures, galaxy, medicines, small insects, trees and its roots, soil and few pillars.

Which makes you go crazy with questions like, why what, how this book is written. What the author is trying to say. what message he is trying to convey?

The language used in this books are very different and no one till today is able to understand or find out which languages are used in it or they belong to whom or written on what base with what purpose.
Many experts have tried searching and solving this puzzle but no one succeeded yet.
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