The Successful Journey of Vijay Shekhar Sharma with Paytm
The Successful Journey of Vijay Shekhar Sharma with Paytm

The Successful Journey of Vijay Shekhar Sharma with Paytm

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, a small town boy from Aligarh, as he mentions him self,  had made it possible for Indian Economy to accept and start using electronic mode of payments. So today’s articles is all about the successful journey of Vijay Shekhar Sharma with Paytm.

He had cleared his secondary school at the age of 14 only being an intelligent student, but intelligence was not enough for success. His English was not fluent enough to getting him to IIT entrance and other competitive exams. So to improve his English he started reading two books of his subjects – a Hindi & An English, so he can understand the language better.

After clearing engineering at the age of 19, he started dreaming for being at Silicon Valley, the mecca for for worldwide innovation when other graduates thinks of getting a job in a good company. Vijay started his first company that create content management systems with name – “XS Communications”. which he himself designed after learning code by himself. The same was doing good and was even being used by major publications including The Indian Express.

To start One97 Communications, he took loan of Rs. 8 lack at 24% interest, which was a real big risk for a common man to payback, and could not do it so a bunch of un-payable debt. To pay that and manage ends meet he had to do small odd jobs like; setting up LAN connections, delivering guest lectures and much more. so from here the journey of Vijay Shekhar Sharma with Paytm was started.

In 2010 when he proposed the idea of India’s first mobile consumer service, investors were not very confident to invest in so he himself put $2 Million to launch his brand. Paytm was then started in August 2010, just with Mobile recharge and bill payment platform. And now every one in India knows Paytm. For each small and big payments we easily speak up the tag line Paytm Karo. From utilities bill payment to fund transfer and game plays and even an online shopping mall.

Paytm a brand in which initially investors were scared to invest, is now having big shot investors like, Alipay, Alibaba Groups, SAIF Partners, Silicon Valley Bank and Sapphire venture. The biggest success of its include that Paytm can handle 5000 transactions per second. In last 9 years Paytm has more than 250 million registered and yes happy users and the counting is till on.

Vijay Sharma has vision of making Paytm India’s first $100 Bn firm. Its truly said, where there is will there is a way. Keep growing Vijay Sharma with Paytm karo…

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