healthy shiny and strong teeth and gums
tips for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and shiny

Tips for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and shiny

we all love and wish to have white, shining and health teeth that makes our smile more beautiful and attractive. Here are sharing few tips for keeping teeth and gums healthy and shiny :

  1. First step is of course to brush twice a day especially at night after meal and before going to bed.
  2. Floss between teeth once in a day at least every other day
  3. Stop or control if you can’t stop – sugary drinks and foods as they weaken enamel and damage teeth.
  4. Quit Smoking and chewing tobacco
  5. Drink plenty of water as it keep saliva active that keeps re hydrating your teeth
  6. Use a fluoride toothpaste..
  7. Try using mouthwash that not only keeps mouth odor away but also protects your teeth and gums from bacteria
  8. Eat fruits and vegetables those are crunchy and need to chew a little more
  9. Visit your dentist at least once in 6 months and keep your teeth healthy and shiny with his best advises..

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