Top 10 Best Rappers Of All Time

The top 10 best rappers of all time are below.

(10) Snoop Dogg

(9) Lil Wayne

(8) 50-Cent

(7) Sagopa Kajmer

(6) Dr. Dre

(5) Jay-Z

(4) Nas

(3) Notorious B.I.G

(2) Tupac

He is only one of the ultimate, honest as well as Gangsta rapper standing alone for the people who is suffering… His lyrics, flow and husky voice has inspired me.

(1) Eminem

Best flow, best lyrics, best beats, best singing, voice, best rapper ever he’s best artist ever. Both of his personality, slim shady and Marshall Mathers, are great to listen to. He has a song for whatever mood your in, If you need to get pumped up listen to Till I Collapse.


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