Top 10 Dumpest Things Said On The Internet

The list of top 10 dumbest things said on the internet are as below:-

(10) Most Trees Are Blue.

(9) Goodbye America, I’m going to New York.

(8) I want my first daughter to be a girl.

(7) Blue whales are mammals not animals.

(6) I don’t like dolphins anymore. Squirrels are my new favorite reptile.

(5) Ebola is in Dallas, so I’m moving to Texas. I can’t stay in a diseased country.

(4) Where’s the 2014 Brazil World Cup going to be held?

(3) I just found out that my birthday is the same day as when I was born.

(2) Somebody tried to tell me that there were 50 states in America. The scientists found out Pluto didn’t exist, so there is only 49.

(1) I was trapped on an escalator for hours. The power went out.

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