Top 10 Female Celebrities With The Sexy Body

The top 10 female celebrities with the sexy body are as below:-

(10) Jessica Alba

Jessica alba is the most beautiful woman in the world.

(9) Kat dennings

(8) Bipasha Basu

Very hot and sexy body figure.

(7) Monica Belluci

She’s the woman in one word: Perfect!

(6) Beyonce Knowles

(5) Scarlett Johansson

This woman is a beautiful flower. When she looks good, there are no other women that can compete with her pure beauty.

(4) Katy Perry

(3) Ziana Zain

Her shape of BODY is Perfect! Her skin complexion is healthy and flawless.

(2) Sarah Michelle Gellar

She’s got a tight little body. Cute face (looks better now than when she was younger). Definitively a hot looking woman.

(1) Sofia Vergara

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