Top 10 Hottest Male Soccer Players

(10) Paolo Maldini

In the 10th position of top 10 hottest male soccer players is paolo maldini. This man is truly beautiful.

(9) Cesc Fabregas

He really sexy with his tattoo and his amazing hair! I love it! His got perfect face from God! And his sexy smile, make girls can’t stop lovin’ him!

(8) Mats Hummels

(7) Olivier Giroud

(6) Iker Casillas

I love everything about him. The way he plays, walks, smiles, cries, wins. He’s so intelligent and just look at him. He’s the hottest!

(5) Lionel Messi

His dimples are so damn cute… He is irresistible! Love him like anything!

(4) Kaka

He is out of d world… his innocent face and sharp feature makes him too hot to be hold!

(3) David Beckham

He is very very hot okay?
and he’s married with posh! that makes him a lot hotter.

(2) Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres is the sexiest football player in the whole planet hands down.

(1) Cristiano Ronaldo

First Place in the top 10 hottest male soccer player because, this is probably the hottest man that’s ever lived! Great face, great body!

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