Top 10 Soccer Defenders

The list of top 10 soccer defenders are as below:-

(10) Thiago Silva

(9) Gerard Pique

The best in the world at present times and more is to come from him as the old Puyol reaches the later stages of his magnificent career. Pique rules the world of defense.

(8) Philipp Lahm

He has ability to do anything with the ball, he such a complete player overall.

(7) Roberto Carlos

(6) Franz Beckenbauer

(5) Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is amazing. He will KILL HIMSELF for the ball. He has dived for the ball(in terms of when someone is shooting he throws his body to protect the goal), done defensive bicycle kicks, heads like a boss, and runs pretty fast for a defender.

(4) Terry

(3) Puyol

He is the Worlds most AGGRESSIVE defender.
Shrewd Leader with aggressive looks.
Every match he changes his position where the opponent best striker or midfielder is prone.
He is the fastest defender.
Even if the goalkeeper is lost he safeguards the goal, the whole net just by his foots and head.

(2) Paolo Maldini

He is the best ever defender.

(1) Nemanja Vedic

Nothing gets past him on the ground and definitely not in the air and he is strong.

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