Ranu Mondal's Journey from Railway Platform to world of Bollywood
Ranu Mondal’s Journey from Railway Platform to world of Bollywood

Ranu Mondal’s Journey from Railway Platform to world of Bollywood

Ranu Mondal, now a days she is a known singer of bollywood. But people only knows that she was singing on railway platform and got viral on social media then opportunity came to her through super star singer to get a wild card entry at Bollywood. Lets know today Ranu Mondal’s Journey from Railway Platform to world of Bollywood
Born in a financially and economically low christian family in West Bengal on 5th November 1960, girl named Ranu was fond of music and signing since he childhood. Brought up listing the songs of legends like, Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar had not dreamed small. Maybe some where in her heart and mind the wish of becoming singer was alive even after a tragic life. That wish was not a mere wish but was a strong passion that took her to the world of Bollywood.
Ranu was six months old when her parents have left the world. She was brought up by her aunt at Ranaghat, West Bengal. At the age of 19 she got married to Babul Mondal, who was a cook by profession in Mumbai, and so she came to Mumbai with him and started singing in a club. But soon she left it because his husband was not liking it. She has 2 children from Babul Mondal, daughter Elizabeth Sathi Roy and a son. After demise of her husband in 2009, she came back to Ranaghat and lived there in poverty. She was singing on the Platform of railway station and was living with whatever she gets. Many times people offer her food, drinks or money after listing to her song.
One lucky Day an engineering student Atindra Chakraborty heard her singing song of Lata Mangeshkar and he was so amazed with her voice that he asked her to sing some more songs and he recorded the same in his phone and shared on social media.
This moment was her second birth as Ranu mentions it, that she got famous and was invited at Superstar Singer Show of Indian Television for the first time. From there Himesh Reshamiya offered her singing a song “Teri Meri Kahani” in his film. There she nailed it. The song went super hit and so does she. Himesh Reshamiya paid her 6 – 7 lakh Rupees for singing her first Bollywood song. And this was not stopped here Salman Khan gifted her a house to live getting impressed her singing passion.
It is so true that when you are stick to your passion it will never go in vain. It will come back with a flash of fame and success.
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